software engineering

Catching up on dependencies

Are you someone who wants to keep project’s dependencies up-to-date? Well, I am. Reasoning behind this is that when you don’t and wait to long to upgrade, their will come a time when the cost to upgrade is to high and you’re stuck with a legacy project.

I’ve found the perfect service to keep me posted on all the updates on my favorite projects. It’s called Bintray. Although Bintray is mainly focused on software publishers it has great features for content consumers as well. It is also the home of the popular jcenter repository.

A hidden gem for consumers is the watch feature. Since I found this, I started watching all my most used packages that I have dependencies on. At the time Cloud Dataflow was in beta every few weeks they published a new SDK tight to the service. All I had to do was put a watch on the package page ( google-cloud-dataflow-java-sdk-all package ) and every time a new SDK was published I got a notification by mail.

The service is free for consumers, as well for publishers of open source projects.