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Devoxx 2014: Looking back

NFC readers

Only part of the NFC readers used

It’s been a week since I’m back from Devoxx 2014. It’s always fun, but it’s exhausting. It’s my 3th year as a steering member now and it’s still hard work. We’re all a bunch of crazy people and every year we dedicate a lot of our free time to organise the best community driven conference in Europe. This year it was fun with the Bluetooth LE beacon game. I do regret that I couldn’t dedicate a lot of time helping out though, but other things had to be done.

This year Google was kind enough to lend use 30 Chromebooks. So one of the tasks at hand was port the partner app to Chrome. Last year we got help from engineers from Google to get us started with NFC on ChromeOS and it was a fun interaction ( I even got to go to Google France to do some pair programming with “François Beaufort” ). But this year we needed to do it alone, while last years NFC library was conference driven and has a lot of shortcuts I wanted to refactor it so it would be easier to extend to other NFC readers and tag technologies. So I spend about 6 months dedicating a lot of evenings to the refactor.Although it’s not quite ready for prime time yet I’m quite happy with the result. The partner app using the library proved that it worked. We didn’t have any issues worth mentioning.

Me on the big screen

My on a big kinepolis screen

A surprisingly fun experience was my guest appearance at Alexis’s talk about NFC at Google I/O. As Francois could note come I had to jump in. I was surprised how calm I was compared with how nerveus I was 2 years ago. I think I will try to give a few more full talks this year.

Well after a week of rest, it’s time to prepare the Chrome NFC library so it can be pushed it back to the main chrome repository.


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